johnny (supamh) wrote,


what up all...guess what. ok ya give up? i got a new truck...well a newer truck. its a 96 tan ford ranger. its soo tight. i cant wait until the weekend when i can go show it off. but ya know. enough about the truck. its been a while since i wrote in here. im still talkin to jenny, but i didnt get to see her this weekend cause i was in mandeville playin soccer. we won our tournament. it was tight. then tuesday night we went to bullwinkle's (its a club) for halloween. they had some tight costumes there. and i danced with the girl in my accounting class that thinks im gay. hahahahaha its kinda messed up. i seriously think she just like wants me or whatever. and since i dont flirt back all the time she thinks im gay. well we heard her talking to her friends about me saying that she thinks im gay. well tuesday night she was all over me at the club and i did flirt back. but after i left one of my friends told me she asked him if i was gay. i dont know if he's telling the truth or what. hahahahaha but he told me he told her yes. i dont really care too much. i mean shes not that cute. she's alright. if i wasnt talkin to someone already i'd might flirt with her a little more but ya know. that life. i sure hope she's the only one who thinks like that. i get more girls than most guys i know yet she has thinks im gay. hahahahaha oh well fuck it...i mean in since the semester began ive talked to/dated prolly around a dozen girls. and now i got one i like so the ones who think im gay are just gonna have to get over themselves. im out
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