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boy this weekend was tha shit! all my friends came down from Baton rouge to party with me. Friday night we went to burbon street in new orleans. It was me, lance, sean, jenny, and leah. it was tight cause i got to hang with jenny. so ya know i was diggin that. jenny and leah had never been before but they wanted to go so i told them i'd take 'em. its not all that great. after the first time you go it gets old. its stinky but we did see a lot of tits. some of them i REALLY wish i hadn't seen. hahahaha they was some nasty hoes. we didnt get home until 4 or so. but anyways. saturday to my suprise judd came down and me him and sean chilled during the day. and last night was just nuts. i had a party over was hella tight, we all got messed up. jenny came stop by for a little while which was tight. then they left. they said they would come back later but something else came up. i was kinda disapointed cause i wanted to hang with her more but i understand how it is. there was just too much stupid stuff going on at my house to type it all...i just wish i woulda had a blank tape to record this crap. needless to say i didnt go to bed until like 4:30 so im hella tired. aight tired of im out.
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