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weekend were made for fun...

what up peeps...i know its been a few days but ive been busy and not feelin well since the wreck. A lot has been goin on. I'm talkin to this new chick...its the one who's number i got last weekend before my wreck. i think im gona stick with her for a while. shes pretty hot and shes hella cool. so ya know im gonna try to hook it up. this weekend is gonna be tha shit. my parents leave tomorrow at 6:30 in the morning to go to mississippi so ya know thats gonna be fun. Friday night im going to new orleans with that chick and a few other people. i have a soccer tournament this weekend, but i cant play in it cause im still hurtin. and saturday is my birthday so ya know im gonna get my party on...i'll let you all know how it out!
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