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Death of a Legend...

yes last night at approximately 2:05 a.m. a legend died. It was know by many names...the meathead mobile, the tank, the meatpacker...etc. In case you didnt figure out by now im talkin about my truck :0( I loved that damn truck. You're prolly wondering how it dided...well it was murdered. Last night after a very productive night at the club. I danced with quite a few girls and got one phone number. yes i know its tight. Well anyways...we were leavin and we got to the intersection right up the road from the club and some drunk came flying behind me and nailed the piss out of my truck. I dont even think he had his brakes on and he musta been doing like 30-40 mph. Well when he hit us, we hit the car infront of us and that car hit the car infront of it so ya know he was flyin. Well luckyly my truck was very very strong...cause otherwise we woulda been fucked. all 3 or our heads busted the back glass of my truck. im a pretty sore today...espically my sholder...its hurtin. so im gonna be lookin for a new truck or whatever soon so if anybody out there knows of anything tight...let me goin lie out
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