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im back

what up peeps. i dont know how long its been since i wrote in here but its been a while. this weekend was overall pretty damn tight.
Friday we went to new orleans to watch my friend jason fight in this UFC type tournament in this bar. it was ok. i wish he would a won though. it was fun cause all my friends from baton rouge came down and they came with me.
Saturday i pretty much just sat on my ass all day. I half assed cleaned my room which is something i dont normally do. But saturday night, dustin, judd, sean, lance, seth and matt all came over and we drank a few beers and played marvel vs capcom 2 before we went out to the club. but it was only me lance judd and sean at the club. but it was fun. the music was hittin'. and me and judd were just goin off on the dance floor. that fool dances sooo tight, but he was give me respect out there too which he does when i really do good so ya know i was lovin that
then today i slept until about 12 did nothing until 3:30 cause i had a soccer game. it was such a pretty day out. and we spanked the shit out of that team. 6-2. i didnt score cause my coach got me playin defense. i really dont mind it cause im gettin back used to playin it. i mean i played it my whole highschool career but that was a couple years ago and ive been playin midfield since then. but damn it feels good to take ppl out and talk shit. that shit is so fun. i am such an asshole on the soccer field. i'll talk shit to you, hurt you and take the ball from you then laugh as dribble away. the opposing team's parents love me cause i talk shit to them too on occasions. but i never start the shit talking, if im prevoked even just a little bit. then its all over cause i hold back nothing when im mad :0) hehehe

ah well im out
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